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Wall Patch
Sizes From 3"x3" To 12" x 48"
Worlds Largest Selection
Heavy Duty-Self Adhesive

Our Heavy Duty Patches Are A True Self Adhesive Product.

Feel The Powerful Adhesive Backing. Pull-Rip-Or Tear.
The Quality and Integrity Is Self Evident.

Merchandisers Available

Compare the Quality and Integrity of Our Patches.
You will see the difference immediately.

Put your current brand side by side. Look closely.
Try to tear ours apart.
Can't Do It!
Now do the same with the competition

Available In The Following Sizes

3"x3"   3'x5"   4"x4"   6"x6"
8"x8"   12"x12"   12"x24"   12"x36"   12"x48"

Custom Sizes-Private Label

Retail Counter Display
Holds 4x4 and 6x6

Heavy Duty-Solid Plate-Ultra Low Profile

Big Savings On Multi-Packs
Contractor Packs
Home Improvement Contractors
Housing Authorities
d-i-y Retailers

Our Patches Are
A Little Bit More
Expensive , But
Worth It!

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